Tuesday, June 01, 2010

mentalBlock for iPad

mentalBlock is a physics puzzler with 6 types of blocks and 4 way gravity.
The object of each level is to rid the screen of red blocks without
disturbing the green blocks.

Included in the full version is the same level editor I used to create all
the levels for the game. The LITE version contains the first 15 levels,
most of which are tutorial levels.

Here is a video of the game:

You can see the level editor in action at 1:40 in that video.
on iTunes:

Lite: iTunes Link
Full: iTunes Link

I'm very proud of this game and have lots of updates planned. I have just
sent the first update to Apple which adds a new block type (a fixed
"spinner" block) and 10 new levels demonstrating the new block.

Hope you enjoy it!