Monday, February 18, 2008

What ever became of the Homecoming Queen?

Here's what:

Former homecoming queen Donna Sturkie-Anthony was convicted of two DUI convictions in 1991. During one arrest, police said she was so drunk she smeared her feces in the back of a police car.

Anthony married and moved away from her hometown in the late 1990s. When she returned, she was arrested six more times by local police, most recently last month.

From NBC news:

Police said Anthony's sister came to visit her at her Route 30 trailer, and the two started arguing about her alcohol abuse. Then, police said Anthony pulled off her sister's prosthetic leg and beat her with it.

A month later, police said, Anthony stole her neighbor's telephone and then threatened to burn down their trailer if they testified against her.

In another incident, police said Anthony threw ground meat at her neighbor before she threatened to kick his pregnant daughter in the stomach.

And of course, this story isn't complete without a photo:

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